Screenwriting Minor

Screenwriting Minor

Why consider a screenwriting minor?

  • With a strong focus on narrative story and visual literacy, the screenwriting minor will help you build a portfolio that includes script samples from multiple genres written for both film and television.
  • Screenwriting students develop at least one polished script through this minor while building a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of dramatic storytelling.
  • Our screenwriting students have won  more than 35 international, national and regional awards for their episodic television and film scripts in the past five years.
  • You will be both encouraged and challenged by this minor as you work to hone your own personal vision and creative writing skills.

If you are driven to tell stories, why not pursue a minor with a growing reputation for excellent students, faculty and curriculum. The screenwriting minor is a great fit for many majors, including English, communication, electronic arts, theatre, history and marketing.


  1. MED 565(3), 566(3), 567(3)
  2. 9 hours of electives from MED 463(3); MED 464(3); ENG 225(3); ENG 325(3); LLT 121(3) or 180(3) or 321(3) to bring the total hours in minor to at least 18 hours.