Integrating theory with experience

The media, journalism and film department’s internship program helps you integrate course theory and practice with hands-on experience in your field of study. You may take up to six hours of internship credit in either journalism or media:

  • A journalism internship (JRN 595) involves work at a newspaper or magazine as a reporter or photojournalist or work at a television or radio station as a reporter or producer of news.
  • A media internship involves work in corporate video, at an audio recording facility, at a company creating web pages or multimedia productions, at an advertising agency producing commercials, at a not-for-profit agency producing in-house media, at a post-production facility, or at a radio or television station producing commercial or promotional material.

Finding an internship

Finding and securing a specific position is an important part of the internship experience. You are ultimately responsible for securing your own internship. Consultations with the appropriate department internship coordinator, a faculty member in your area of interest or your academic advisor will help you identify internship opportunities that meet your personal goals.

You should pursue an internship only if you have the necessary academic background for that position. You will be representing not only yourself, but MSU and the department as well. A strong work ethic and a desire to learn are crucial for your success in the program. Remember that if you perform well in the internship, it is not unusual to be hired later for a paid position.

Internship requirements

To register for an internship, you must:

  • Complete at least 60 hours of course work
  • Receive permission from the appropriate internship coordinator

Each hour of internship credit will require 45 hours of work at your internship site. You will need to arrange your work schedule in consultation with the internship supervisor at the sponsoring organization.


Media and journalism interns must:

  • Complete an application form available from the appropriate internship coordinator
  • Provide the coordinator with a detailed internship proposal outlining goals for the semester
  • Provide the coordinator with documentation from their on-site supervisor stating that he/she will supervise the internship

These documents should be completed before the semester starts and must be submitted before you can register.

If the duties associated with your internship change during the semester, your proposal must be amended and signed again by both the internship supervisor and your MJF internship coordinator.

Additional requirements

Your internship will be evaluated by your on-site supervisor. Also, you must fulfill specific meeting and reporting requirements outlined by your internship coordinator:

  • Maintain a log of the time you spend working in the internship and submit reports detailing your internship activities
  • Complete a formal self-assessment at the end of the internship experience

Additional paperwork may be required, as specified in the course syllabus. For example, you may be asked to submit a portfolio or final project, keep a journal, or read and review articles pertaining to the specific internship.