BA Four-Year Degree Plan: Film and Media Studies

The following is a sample schedule for this major – your actual schedule may vary.

Meet with your advisor and review the class schedule before confirming your schedule.

Missouri State is committed to helping you graduate in four years.

The following degree plan is based on the 2018-19 catalog and Missouri State general education requirements.

First semester (fall)

MED 120 Mass Media and Society 3
MED 130 Media Professionalism 3
GEP 101 First-Year Foundations 2
(See your advisor for replacement course.) 2
COM 115 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
ENG 110 Writing I 3
Total hours16

Second semester (spring)

MED 274 Introduction to Film 3
MTH 130 Contemporary Mathematics 3
HST 121 Survey of the History of the United States to 1877
or HST 122 Survey of the History of the United States since 1877
General Education: Science 4
Total hours13

Third semester (fall)

MED 374 History of Film I 3
PHI 105 Critical Thinking
or PHI 110 Introduction to Philosophy
HST 103 World History to Circa 1600 C.E. 3
KIN 210 Healthy Lifestyles: Preventive Approaches 3
General Education: Science (with lab) 4
Total hours15

Fourth semester (spring)

MED 375 History of Film II 3
MED 304 Mass Media Theory 3
General Education: Writing II course 3
HST 104 World History since 1600 C.E. 3
BA Language requirement (need 12 hrs) 3
Total hours15

Fifth semester (fall)

MED 470 Special Topics in Film 3
MED Elective (300+ level) 3
Minor course 3
PLS 101 American Democracy and Citizenship 3
BA Language requirement 3
Total hours15

Sixth semester (spring)

MED 454 Media Analysis and Criticism 3
MED 570 Film Theory 3
Minor course 3
BA Language requirement 3
General Education: Self-Understanding – Creativity (may be used to fulfill BA Fine Arts requirement) 3
General Education: Self-Understanding – Social 3
Total hours18

Seventh semester (fall)

JRN 407 Media Law 3
2 Minor courses (at least 1 course at 300+ level) 6
BA Language requirement 3
BA Fine Arts requirement (300+ level if possible) 3
Total hours15

Eighth semester (spring)

MED 581 Issues in Media Ethics 3
MED Elective (300+ level) 3
2 Minor course (at 300+ level) 6
General Education: Self-Understanding – Creativity 3
GEN 499 (Course no longer offered. Review course number changes.)
Total hours15
Degree plan last reviewed 09-10-2018.

When applicable, MED 300(1-6) Special Topics in Media, MED 470(1-6) Advanced Topics in Film, MED 492(1-6) Independent Study in Electronic Media, and MED 597 Advanced Studies in Media may be used in any category, with advisor approval. When applicable, no more than two courses from other departments may be substituted for the optional courses, with advisor approval