Four-Year Degree Plans

Degree plans

Bachelor of Arts

Access a BA four-year degree plan: film and media studies sample schedule.

Bachelor of Science

Access a BS four-year degree plan: film and media studies sample schedule.

Classes for all majors in the MJF Department

  • MED 120 Mass Media and Society
  • MED 130 Fundamentals of Media Convergence
  • MED 220 Case Studies in Mass Media
  • MED 304 Mass Media Theory
  • MED 581 Issues in Media Ethics
  • JRN 407 Media Law

Classes for Mass Media (Film and Media Studies) majors

  • MED 274 Introduction to Film
  • MED 454 Media Analysis and Criticism

Theory/Critical Studies area (choose one class)

  • MED 320 Understanding the Broadcast Industry
  • MED 355 Social Media
  • MED 570 Film Theory
  • MED 580 Media in Politics

History area (choose two classes)

  • MED 325 Media History
  • MED 374 History of Film I
  • MED 375 History of Film II

Writing area (choose one class)

  • MED 360 Beginning Screenwriting
  • MED 463 Writing Adaptations for Television and Film
  • MED 464 Genre Writing for Film and Television

Applied Media area (choose one class)

  • MED 290 Fundamentals of Multimedia Design
  • MED 365 Digital Film and Media Production
  • MED 595 Media Internship

Note: When applicable, MED 300 Special Topics in Media, MED 470 Advanced Topics in Film, MED 492 Independent Study in Electronic Media, and MED 597 Advanced Studies in Media may be used in any category, with advisor approval.