Faculty and Staff

We are proud of our staff in the media, journalism and film department. They are leaders in their chosen fields, and they have connections with working professionals who can help you find a job. Above all, our faculty and staff are committed to helping you succeed in your academic endeavors.

Dr. Mary Jane Pardue

Dr. Mary Jane Pardue

Associate Dean-College Operations and Special Projects
Department Head

Research and professional interests: Business journalism, local/family-owned newspaper journalism

Mark M. Biggs

Mark M. Biggs

Faculty Emeritus
Associate Professor

College Interdisciplinary Programs, Electronic Arts, Recruitment, Technology and Major Equipment Planning

Jaime W. Bihlmeyer

Research and professional interests: Femininity and the semiotics of the pre-lingual stage of human development in mainstream movies

Michael A. Borich

Research and professional interests: Media theory; media, journalism and film history

Diana D. Botsford

Research and professional interests: Science fiction writing, including books, film, television, theatre and comics; speaking at conferences; helping students network with other writers, agents, publishers, etc.; writing, producing and directing film

Jack E. Dimond

Research and professional interests: Student media

Nathan S. Hartzler

Provides extensive technical support for all areas and programs of the media, journalism and film department and assistance in the art and design department

Stephen M. Leggitt

Research and professional interests: Three-camera and single camera sitcom writing and development; studio-based comedy and romantic comedy features; current trends in American independent film

Cristina M. Pippa

Cristina M. Pippa

Director, Dramatic Writing and Screenwriting Programs

Andrew D. Twibell

Andrew D. Twibell

Assistant Professor
Program Coordinator, Electronic Arts