Transferring Credit to Missouri State

When you transfer to Missouri State University, the courses you took at your previous institution will be evaluated to determine what credit you will receive at MSU. For more information about the transfer process, visit the Transfer Center.

All transfer students should schedule an appointment with the department head or assistant head to determine what requirements you have left to complete. We work closely with each transfer student to develop a personalized degree plan to help you complete your degree in a timely fashion. Most students who have completed an Associate of Arts degree can complete a mass media or journalism degree in four to five semesters.

If there is not an existing equivalency for a course you have taken at another school but you believe it is equivalent to a Missouri State degree requirement, you can request the course be reevaluated for credit. Speak to your advisor about this process.

Transfer degree guides

If you plan to transfer to Missouri State, the guides below will provide our recommendations of what courses you should plan on taking at your current school and at MSU. The guides are separated below by school.

These plans should only serve as a guide and should not replace meetings with a transfer advisor. If your school is not listed above, we can assist you in developing your own plan.

Transfer advising

We encourage transfer students interested in media, journalism and film to complete the following equivalencies before coming to MSU:

There may be additional classes that have MJF equivalencies that you can also complete before transferring to MSU.

In some cases, if you are planning to transfer and have been admitted to the university, you may be pre-approved to take MSU online courses while still enrolled at your old school. This approach enables you to begin fulfilling other program requirements before you arrive at the University.